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The Deeper Thermodynamic Meaning of Energy

In this essay, I outline and examine the three laws of thermodynamics in relation to spiritual life. The three known laws of thermodynamics are:

  1. Energy cannot be created nor destroyed.
  2. The entropy of a system increases with time.
  3. As temperature reaches absolute zero, entropy also approaches zero.

Also of consideration will be the following equation, which needs no introduction. 


Energy can be thought of as an intricate measure of existence. Everything that exists has a relationship with energy in some way or another. In fact, it is energy. Energy comes in multiple forms, including light, nutrition, nuclear, etc. Energy is the most crucial force that life depends upon, whether we realize it or not. Without the force of energy, try to think about what would exist.

Let's jump right into Einstein's theory of relativity. He found that energy is equal with the measure of mass factored by a speed of light, squared. This means that an entity's measure of energy is equivalent to its measure of mass at a given speed. Breaking it down further, simply the mass of a physical body has a measurable relationship with a speed of light and energy. In fact, as we know, there are other forms of light that do not take on visible mass. We are able to see infrared or x-ray light because their energies are transformed to a visible spectrum of light. 

Rearranging the famous equation to m=E/c2, we find that all matter is a value of energy divided by a certain speed. Taking this simple fraction, and illustrating it visually as a whole pie, then we find that the speed of light squared is a whole pie, while the energy is just a portion of the pie. One body of mass is literally an expression of a single unit of energy taken from the frequency of the whole variable of speed. 

Because we know that this single slice of energy cannot be created nor destroyed, we find that its mass is only a temporarily transformed manifestation out of the whole pie, which is out of the whole speed of light. The one slice of pie, for example, is the body. The body is the physical manifestation of energy divided by a speed of light. As the speed of light increases, the energy of the system increases as well; similarly, as the speed of light decreases, the energy of the system decreases. 

All light is made of photons. Photons are "bundles of energy." So, we can call energy and light essentially the same thing. Rephrasing Einstein's masterpiece, we find that light is equal to its mass multiplied by a factor of its speed.

In school you may have been taught that the speed of light is a constant and doesn't change. Think outside the box here. Speed is never a constant; it fluctuates with its purpose. As you drive down the highway, you have the opportunity to increase and decrease the rate at which you move along. To become a form of visible light, the object of mass must vibrate at the speed which we know today as the "speed of light," which for random entertainment is about 671,000,000 miles/hour. But what if light vibrated faster or slower than this rate?

What if the single unit of mass took its vibrational level down, resulting in changing the remaining numbers in the E=mc2 equation? The energy changes its structure, changing its form of matter due to light's frequency. There are other forms of light outside our visible spectrum, as we know fully well, and each have their associated speed or frequency. Visible light is a manifestation of energy (light = photons = energy) at a certain speed, whence we understand, perceive, and term the speed of light. Everything we are able to see is vibrating at the speed of light. Even another person or your pet - you are simply perceiving an energy that is manifesting at the speed of light.

Now let's take this logic and combine it with the known laws of thermodynamics.

The first law of thermodynamics allows us to understand that energy never ceases; the energy will never not exist. This law establishes the principle that energy is neither created nor is it ever destroyed. This allows us to wonder what happens to energy if it always exists, which curiously brings about the next law.

The second law finds that energy becomes more unpredictable and random over the course of time. Energy is destined to and only transform(s) in a dimension of time. The factor of time directly influences the transforming nature of energy. Simply, energy becomes in a dimension of time, allowing change to occur, with all of its environmental, psychological, and biological influences (which I hope to get to in a future essay/blog). When energy enters into a reality where time exists, aging occurs; before and after or past and future occur; there is perceivable difference that energy survives. Each new step is influenced by its preceding thought, thus energy is encapsulated in an unpredictable matrix of reality.

As the temperature (or rate of movement of energy) decreases, so does the unpredictable, time-influenced transformation of energy. Thus the third law establishes that temperature has a direct link to energy and its transformation. Time is literally a dimension with temperature; in other words, transformative time exists only when temperature (a rate of movement of heat) exists. Thus, when there is any increase of heat, there is also a promise, by law, that the transformation accordingly incurs speed. (Talk about global warming and time speeding up occurring simultaneously!) In theory, time/speed does not exist when heat does not exist; rephrasing, the speed of light does not exist where there is absolute zero temperature.

Through these three laws of nature discovered many years ago, we find a form of energy that is eternal, transforming, and its activity/behavior is dependent upon time/temperature. Let me apply that in more accessible knowledge. Here we are discussing an eternal form of life, a transformation of its existence, and the activity that is incurred by energy existing in a time-defined dimension.

In a system (like a human body), there is always energy - always. This energy was never created (sorry to burst your bubble) and it will never be destroyed. This should prove that the body is a system of energy that, according to the laws of physics, is transformable, eternal, and relies on temperature for inducing transformation in a unit of time. Though we see the human body expire, keep in mind that the person's energy manifests itself for a moment in time as a body visible because of the speed of light. The speed of light is a vibration that is directly linked with a range of temperature.

Temperature is only a measurement of the movement of heat, thus Kelvin, Celsius, and Fahrenheit are all measures of energetic activity, which, as a reminder, is a subordinate of light. In other words, temperature is only a measurement of activity or movement of light. Furthermore, one can only know the measurement of heat if heat is active. 

As the third law explains, as the temperature (or the activity of the energy) gets closer to the measurement of an absolute zero (something that only exists in theory right now), then the transformation slows down as well, thus conducting less activity of transforming energy. 

Now, thinking about the afterlife, when the soul (just a slice of the pie; a capsule of energy or light) is not manifesting at the visible speed of light (physical dimension) anymore (when a body dies), the energy of the soul did not cease nor was it destroyed. The afterlife, then, is the result of its soul's energy that became transformed through their visit to the dimension of time. As the second law of thermodynamics establishes, the aspect of transformation is directly influenced by the space-time dimension. As the energy of the soul enters a time-space existence, it thus enters such a manifestation that, by law, transforms the energy of the soul. As existence in a space-time dimension, souls are - by law of physics - held accountable to transformation. That's right, souls come to physical life to simply transform their slice of pie.

Even more, demonstrating it simply through our relationship and perspective of temperature, I challenged my colleagues once with a puzzle. When you feel a cold surface, do you simply perceive its temperature as the existence of cold or the absence of heat. I argue that the feeling of cold is simply our understanding as lack of heat. Coldness is only defined by heat; likewise, darkness is only defined by the presence of light (and if you paid attention in earlier paragraphs, you know light means heat).

In the moment of theoretical absolute zero temperature, in truth, there is no heat because there is no activity of energy. True frozen nature means absolutely no movement of any particle. Absolutely no movement means no difference; no difference means no time; no time means no transformation. Do you get the picture here? Though energy still exists, the energy has become literally inactive. With no activity of heat, thus no emission or presence of light, energy cannot be in a state of transformation. 

With a human body comes heat, averaging around 99°F. We also know through other devices that can pick up senses of electromagnetic energy, there also exists energy apart from a visible body of physical manifestation. People who are sensitive to energetic existences beyond this physical dimension can perceive and communicate with these energies (i.e. clairvoyant gifts, ghosts) without physical form. The energies that exist on a plane of non-visible light are held in a state of existence that we don't necessarily think of having a factor of temperature, but let's take a look at what that exactly means.

Have you ever wondered if heaven or the afterlife has a temperature? Many people report seeing a massive, warming light as they encounter death. One would think though, that to feel a temperature, one needs a tool to measure heat. As in the body, we know it's cold or hot by the duty of nerve endings. When we are sick, our temperature rises due to increased activity of bodily functions. But how do we perceive temperature without our physical body? Currently, I am not aware of any measure of temperature, time, or transformation in the existence that we know as afterlife. Though light energy is perceived upon entering the afterlife, temperature nor the actuality of transformative progression do not seem to be of important detail after we leave our physical manifestations. Just a thought.

Temperature defines the level of transformational activity of energy. Here on Earth, where the temperature ranges roughly between -135°F and 134°F, we find our meaning of existence owing expectations of transformation. We come to physical life form to transform the energy that we are. This life of transformation is unpredictable.


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