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Behind Amy Thinks Deep

It all started with an urge for curiosity and her expressiveness to learn through writing. Amy asked so many questions - much like a child. Why this? Why that? At Amy Thinks Deep, you will find intriguing projects related to the exploration of such deep and valuable thoughts regarding psychology, spirituality, metaphysics, quantum physics, and holistic exploration. Enjoy!


About Amy
With a background in psychology and philosophy, Amy Hunt joins in the unraveling, mysterious field of spirituality as her mind wanders the universe. As a published, thought-provoking author, she combines deep exploration with cutting-edge thoughts in her works, intentionally challenging one’s mindset.

Focused on matters probing personal and spiritual growth, Amy carries a passion to help others become aware of something deeper, to connect with that which is calling us from inside. Amy's primary interests revolve around subjects that involve spirituality and holistic health. In all Amy says and does, her first desire is that the recipient will awaken to their whole being, becoming aware of their soul's nature, awakening the call and passion of who they are and their purpose.

Amy also serves as a Certified Energy Therapy Practictioner at Transqualia, helping humans and animals adjust to a sense of flow and balance.

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Since 2013, spiritual life shifted for Amy. She eagerly explored different perspectives of spirituality that were different from her evangelical Christian youth. While in search of Truth, Amy engaged in various spiritual learning experiences which included progressive Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Quaker worship, Taoism, spiritual sciences, hospice care, meditation, discussions, healing arts (i.e. Reiki), and more. 


Other Talents and Interests

Other than writing down her deep thoughts, Amy shines her light in other areas: gardening, homesteading, genealogy, and the delightful owner of 18+ pets. Hobbies include various outdoor activities and helping in the community garden.


Want to Connect?

Amy would love to connect for the following purposes:

Research regarding spirituality, psychology, and/or quantum

Co-author a book or publication

- Co-create a project


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