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Praying with Heart versus Praying with Mind

One day last week, I was walking down my driveway in an emotional state of being. I was contemplating and chewing on something meaningful which I was perplexed about. What did I do? I decided to pray.

A prayer is simply communication with God, Universe, or the Higher Collective, however you may conceive of it. Anyone can do it, and it doesn't need to be formal.

I didn't want to ask for anything, but wanted to just let God know what I was feeling. That's all. I wasn't expecting any communication from God. In fact, that didn't happen. What did happen was a realization of how I prayed. Indeed, I realized a new way to offer my feelings to God.

We can pray in many ways, but for this post, I want to focus on praying from the heart versus praying from the mind. Words and language originate in the brain in order to effectively communicate ideas between two (seemingly disconnected) beings (i.e. you and me). This is essentially communicating with mental capacity when we transform our thoughts into a verbal language that can be shared with others for the purpose of manifesting a desire. Conversely, in the heart, we communicate by emotional means, called emoting, in order to communicate our internal state of feeling. 

Just a quick passing thought: have you ever tried an emoji prayer? 

The prayer from my heart last week was not something I would classify as "emotional" or "emotive" - I didn't break into outrage, cry, or anything like that, but I acknowledged how I felt about a situation. A kindling in my heart was present; I could feel something lively stirring. The key to praying in this particular way was feeling my concerns in the present moment and believing that they were kept in their emotional energetic essence when presented to God.

God understands emotions just as much as It understands thoughts. Therefore, a prayer from the heart is just as effective as a prayer from the mind. Both can relay the message to the Higher Being with the simplest amount of faith - believing that it reaches there. It is faith that brings and presents an emotional prayer to God: faith that God acknowledges receipt of communication, faith that God interprets and hears the essence of what you mean to communicate without words (or mental activity), faith that God loves us regardless of how we feel.

Faith may be the common denominator between praying with heart and praying with mind. Faith is neither a mental capacity nor an emotional capacity. It is the ethereal  substance that carries a prayer to its final place of arrival and/or manifestation.

In recent months, I have noticed a call to more easily feel my emotions, in a flow. So many people in my society overlook emotions like it is a dimension of ourselves that can be overlooked. As a holistic energy worker, I understand that unmoved emotion can be stuck and grow into dis-ease. It is important to 1) acknowledge the presence of and identify feelings and 2) express them until they are completely satisfied. If we don't have a transcendent Being that cares, hears our emotive tendencies, nor is able to transform such energy, the emotional energies may remain stuck and unprocessed. This is the benefit of praying with heart, in faith.

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