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Mitigating the Karmic Cycle

Why do we choose to reincarnate into life after life after life? How do we end this continual cycle and move forward in our spiritual development? This mind-catching question stumps and interests me at the same time, more than anything else I write on this blog. Since I have come to understand the purpose of life more fully, I now dive straight into deeper thoughts on reincarnation.  

It might seem like common sense to relay the idea that we incarnate into physical form so we can grow, learn, and become. These are concepts and strategies that cannot be enacted without a physical body and neurological capabilities. At least if you have read my book, this idea is more familiar and makes more sense.

As a spiritual life, we are, at the most basic level, energy. We take on a physical form in order to improve our energy, thus we grow spiritually. However, the idea that the energy we create within the lifetime will circle back to us, we are taught spiritual laws and concepts such as karma, the Golden Rule, and similar laws of spiritual living. "What comes around goes around." This is how we often conceive of recycled energy patterns.

If those who are reincarnating time after time are recycling such energy in order to grow their spirit, what does this mean? By cycling [karmic] energy, souls repeat the same lessons and same consequences, with very little change in their spiritual nature. When we put ourselves in different and even challenging situations, our faith gains the chance to become stronger and grow wise. These challenges are set forth in an agreement according to intuitively knowing what one needs in order to grow. The Law of Attraction supports this concept, in that what is lacking may be provided. 

We see opportunities like this on a small scale when we conquer through trials and hard times. Resiliency is the measure of one's ability to get through challenges and conquer given obstacles. Therefore, resiliency is then a measure of spiritual character. We often think of resiliency as a mental aptitude; however, if it weren't for the tough times, the spirit would not mature so quickly. The unquenched resolution of the energy thus creates the opportunity for it to be repeated. 

What is it about energy that needs to be recycled? The laws of energy show that whatever energy one puts forth, that energy will proceed eternally because, as energy, it is neither created nor destroyed. Because energy lasts forever, the laws of nature demand it continues. Due to this specific natural law, the energy that is manifested by a misdeed in one life will be later repaid in the same or another life. By causing a movement of energy now, the energy will naturally seek its opposite reaction. Each action deserves its equal and opposite reaction and continues as unresolved in the space-time continuum. 

The alternative to the karmic energy cycle is understanding its needs, natural flow, and the laws thereof. By understanding that karma 1) is meant so that the person who caused the fault learns the lesson from the opposing perspective, 2) follows through with a pattern according to its natural, physical law, and 3) is orderly due because of a past event, then one can begin to understand how to mitigate the effects of karma.

What would happen, though, if we were to dissipate the karmic cycle? With a highly-alert ego system, every action owes a counter-effect, which serves a counter-effect, which serves another counter-effect. This is the cycle of karma; it keeps going until the energy of the system lessens. Take the example of a swing. You push someone on a swing once, then they naturally slow down over time. Newtons Cradle also shows the same effect. Over the course of TIME, due to the physical laws in place, the energy of the system lessens, but it takes a while to get back to zero.

By lessening the severity of the opposing "payback" effect, the karmic energy declines. Here is how to mitigate the continual cycle of karma.

1) Recognize that karma - both "good" and "bad" - is energy. It has the lifestyle of continual existence. 

2) Accept that this particular kind of energy follows through because it seeks its opposite and equal effect. This is natural and each soul should not expect anything less.

3) By recognizing this energy is like a mystery to solve or a case to close, it is easier to see that there was an effect you performed with said energy and that energy needs its opposite reaction. 

4) Understand that by avoiding the whole karmic effect altogether, it is essentially like avoiding Mother Nature and it will still seek its equal reaction to be resolved.

5) By accepting the due reaction and not putting back another counter-effective reaction (as ego would rather do), the soul absorbs the due energy and learns from it.

6) When energy is absorbed, it is a natural transformation. By reflecting the energy it is bouncing the energy back.

7) Reflect on the insights gained rather than hurling another offensive reply. This opportunity for growth is part of life and part of the Great Cycle of Karmic Energy. 

Similarly, the effects of positive karmic energy are natural and promote growth opportunities as well. When a "good" action is performed, the energy is either absorbed or reflected back from the object of intent. There is less chance that the object will want to "fight back" in opposition to positive energy. If the positive energy is absorbed, the natural inheritance of growth is to give back. Today we commonly call this positive karmic cycle "Pay It Forward." There will always be more where this comes from because good energy is from Source, where all energy is transformed back to its basic constituents before it exhibits value. 

In the afterlife, reports tell of souls coming close to this Source. In the spirit world, a soul's energy regains insight into their previous life/lives and reflects upon their status of soul maturity and growth. Common discussions in the afterlife include how the last physical life transformed the soul and the triumphs and lessons encountered while in the physical body. To date, I have yet to learn of anyone reporting, from their experience in the afterlife, triumphs gained or growth-enhancing lessons learned that sustained themselves solely in the non-physical afterlife. Such encounters are specially designed for incarnated individuals.

By reincarnation, one will find a cycle that lends a hand to learning, becoming, and the path towards wisdom. This is why old souls and wisdom go hand in hand. Wise souls have absorbed their karmic effects to the point of maturation of the soul and have ceased beginning more or repeating old karmic cycles.


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