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Physics of Spiritual Reality

                This topic came about by participating in a local spiritual discussion group. Some members shared their experience(s) of encounters with spiritual presences. Intrigued by how human psychology interacted with this physical spiritual dimension, I began to ask some questions to figure out if mental psychology has much to do with how we physically interpret a spiritual dimension.

                One person sees spiritual energies and describes the same general concept which another individual may interpret slightly differently. Reports of sightings of angels, ghosts, or other spirits beg the question of how the human mind can assign and/or understand a physical form of something we know/think of as non-physical. The mind’s nature is that which attempts to understand the unexplainable, as experienced, and assigns its belonging to such schemas as classified by the neuronal network developed heavily in the primary years of infancy and childhood. Essentially, in this scenario, the mind is the tool used to understand a phenomena of assigning physical form to something spiritual. This is a great intersection of mind, spirit, and physics.

                Though vague, some share their stories of experiencing a “dimensional overlap” as Rich put it. This experience is not only exclusive to those spiritually driven; many report ghost encounters. Forms of a light and darkness continuum approach the visible spectrum. Light is energy; most people who are spiritually conscious speak of feeling energy, both negatively and positively. Some are gifted with the ability to see physical forms of this energy such as auras, angels, or even the light many claim to see in the last moment of death.

                My curiosity was loaded with a quest to find out if the human mind interprets the spiritual feeling into a physical dimension (according to its understanding) or if the eyes actually see an extrinsic, objective form that is both a physical and spiritual overlap, or an interdimensionality. The same energy vibrations can be experienced, yet two people can explain their observations and their details will be compatible to support the same general spiritual concept and physical details will differ. Form takes place in the mind.

                Form is related only to physical dimension because of the concept of Einstein’s space-time continuum. Form is spatial; time is spatial. Spatial is physical. Neither time nor space can be defined on a spiritual dimension. They are substrates of physical law. The human mind is given as a tool to assign form and looks for explanations, therefore, to define subtle realities. Sometimes these explanations come across as seeing visible energetic form. This does not necessarily mean that the energy one feel s is actual physical form, so that one could be able to feel or sense any other way.

                Transcendence is a position in which an individual experiences that which is of a nature which exceeds the normal strain of consciousness; it is beyond the norm, or above the mainstream reality that the average person is used to. Transcendence takes a person to a new level of consciousness. There is no time in transcendent experiences. Therefore, also, there is no space in transcendent experiences. It also follows that there is no real physical constructs in transcendent experiences. Thus, seeing physical  form of spiritual phenomena is an illusion, which, possibly, the mind controls – quite accurately.

                Einstein proposed that energy has a direct relationship with space and time however. Energy is equivalent to factoring both mass and speed. In other words, the light (or absence thereof) is equivalent to the physical constructs of form/space and frequency/time. In the moment spirit transcends space and time, leaving a null value for mass and speed, energy is then left as alone. It exists still, but independent of physical constructs and definitions. Energy has many more stories to tell than those confined by physics or chemistry. Energy is spiritual in nature as well. It is the same energy. For so long, human intelligence (via Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, etc.) has founded physical law to illustrate such divine properties of energy.

                Energy is, nonetheless, observable via all realms. Physical interpretations of spiritually observed energy are rough and lack unanimous consensus of detail, yet are filtered through the mind as a young child develops schemas. This may be a type of illusory work that the mind plays, but it is actual spiritual energy the human spirit detects and the mind (which is connected to the spirit) forms this reality into physical constructs. The result, however, cannot be necessarily founded by physics law. This is how the human mind might substitute physical form for the spiritual existence of energy. 

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