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Welcome to the Challenge Portal!


Are you curious about a topic pertaining to spirituality but can’t find it anywhere?

Want to go deeper in exploring spiritual concepts?

The Challenge Portal provides a way for a seeker to ask a question and explore the idea together with Amy Thinks Deep.

This is the way it works.

  1. Settle on a topic that you are curious about. This can be worded as a statement or a question, but should strike Amy’s curiosity on the specific topic at hand.
  2. Use the query form on this page to give Amy a prompt (a beginning deep thought or question). Provide any additional questions you would like Amy to consider.
  3. Check out and agree to the Rules (below).
  4. Click Submit!
  5. (Optional) Send good vibes or say a prayer.

Disclaimer: Not all requests will be granted. The submission form can only give an inspiring idea or suggestion. The essay will be copyrighted by Amy Hunt in the year it is published on this website. Amy does not support plagiarism and will not write your assignment for class.

Submission Rules

  1. Essays are copyrighted by Amy Hunt in the year each essay is published on Amy Thinks Deep. 
  2. Any Challenge essay published on Amy Thinks Deep cannot be reproduced unless granted written permission from Amy Hunt. If quoted or referenced, the work must be cited using appropriate and legal MLA, APA or other style.
  3. Any words, phrases, comments, or questions provided in the query form below may be used, without reference, in the essay or resulting work.  
  4. Only queries submitted through the form below will be considered.
  5. Challenge Portal and its resulting efforts are not to be used for religious dominance or other religious abuses. Amy Thinks Deep does not claim a religion, but may use references from one or more religious traditions to support essay content.
  6. Researching and writing takes time. Please allow one month’s time for an Challenge essay to appear on Amy Thinks Deep, or before requesting a different topic. 
  7. Topics submitted through the form below may (or may not) appear on or provide inspiration for products. There may (or may not) be a notification or announcement of its relation. 
  8. Include your name, nickname, or pseudonym to be referenced as “Query submitted by _______."

Last Updated: June 1, 2020

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