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Spirituality as it is known here reveals the presence of oneself, being authentic and fully uninfluenced by any person, event, or other variable. It is one's connection and experience with the divine, sometimes via a sacred experience. The idea encompasses a reality apart from physical or mental awareness. It is a pure awareness of one's inmost being, commonly called the soul or spirit. The soul is part of the spiritual body, similar to the physical body. 

Spirituality is to be distinct from religion. Spirituality is the practice of connecting with that which is divine, sacred, transcendent, or mystical. When a group of people have the same or similar experiences, this is called religion. Religions practice rituals and traditions which serve to remember spiritual beings and experiences. Spirituality here recognizes the perspective of one's individual experiences in connection with that which belongs to a different dimension.

Active spirituality encompasses the birth and cultivation of love, forgiveness, kindness, contentment, passion, compassion, gratitude, and peace. Existential spirituality encompasses the lightness and solitude of being, authenticity in the most natural, restful state, and awareness of the "I AM" phenomenon.

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The Deeper Thermodynamic Meaning of Energy

In this essay, I outline and examine the three laws of thermodynamics in relation to spiritual life. The three known laws of thermodynamics are:

  1. Energy cannot be created nor destroyed.
  2. The entropy of a system increases with time.
  3. As temperature reaches absolute zero, entropy also approaches zero.

Also of consideration will be the following equation, which needs no introduction. 

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Stepping Into Who You Are: Things To Take With You Into 2020

Get ready.

The real you lies dormant. You may not even know. “Wake up,” they say, “wake up!”
Hidden within a stagnant body, a fire rises to shine. The flame burns brighter when kindled; rest assured, it is natural happening this way.
Come into this new year with bravery, acceptance, and strength. You are stepping into who you are. You were born for such a time as this. 
You are read…

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Physics of Spiritual Reality

                This topic came about by participating in a local spiritual discussion group. Some members shared their experience(s) of encounters with spiritual presences. Intrigued by how human psychology interacted with this physical spiritual dimension, I began to ask some questions to figure out if mental psychology has much to do with how we physically interpret a spiritual dimension. …

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Oxytocin in Connection with God

                Oxytocin is a neurochemical hormone that is released for purposes for bonding. Examples include pair/couple bonding, giving birth, touch (in some cases), and other opportunities associated with care and bonding connections. The release of oxytocin into the bloodstream is completely natural, usually heeding the powerful feeling(s) associated with love. This essay examines the potent…

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Energetic Analysis of a Catharsis

            In the moments of healing, when one feels the release of sickness and the pain has evaded, the atmosphere changes from the inside out. Clarity, peace, cleanness, content, rest, and fresh can be characteristics of this moment. This release involves the mind, heart, and spirit most importantly. It is often recognized by counselors as a critical step towards healing, known as a catharsis.…

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