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Spirituality as it is known here reveals the presence of oneself, being authentic and fully uninfluenced by any person, event, or other variable. It is one's connection and experience with the divine, sometimes via a sacred experience. The idea encompasses a reality apart from physical or mental awareness. It is a pure awareness of one's inmost being, commonly called the soul or spirit. The soul is part of the spiritual body, similar to the physical body. 

Spirituality is to be distinct from religion. Spirituality is the practice of connecting with that which is divine, sacred, transcendent, or mystical. When a group of people have the same or similar experiences, this is called religion. Religions practice rituals and traditions which serve to remember spiritual beings and experiences. Spirituality here recognizes the perspective of one's individual experiences in connection with that which belongs to a different dimension.

Active spirituality encompasses the birth and cultivation of love, forgiveness, kindness, contentment, passion, compassion, gratitude, and peace. Existential spirituality encompasses the lightness and solitude of being, authenticity in the most natural, restful state, and awareness of the "I AM" phenomenon.

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Eternity vs. Forever vs. Infinity

Most people conceive of forever as being synonymous with infinity and I won't argue. However, eternity and infinity are little more separated in definition and doesn't quite exude the same depth of a synonymous relationship. Eternity is different.

As children, we may have been taught that "forever" never ends - it just keeps going and going and going. This is inconceivable; we find that out …

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Consciousness, Subconsciousness, and Superconsciousness: Their Interplaying Roles

Science tells us that we have three parts to ourselves: consciousness, subconsciousness, and superconsciousness. Likewise, we are aware of mental, emotional, and spiritual qualities that make up a person. Mind, heart, soul; id, ego, superego; and the list could go on, including other culture's beliefs and language subsets and meanings - endless!

Our everyday lives are made up of consciousness …

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The Purpose and Life of the Heart

Have you ever heard any of these three facts?

1. The leading cause of death is due to heart malfunctions/diseases.

2. The most common regret among the elderly and dying is that they didn't love enough in life.

3. Love is most closely associated with a healthy heart chakra.

When I realized these three facts altogether, the secret to life started to make more sense. You see, many of…

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The Temporary Image of God as a Male Authority Figure

Do you ever wonder how God became a male authority figure? In the Bible, and even into today’s religious teachings, God is usually revered as a male figure. Up until recently, this was never questioned or talked about. 

I hope I don’t burst your bubble too much when I say that God has no gender. God is actually neither male nor female, yet possesses qualities and characteristics from both ma…

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The Deeper Thermodynamic Meaning of Energy

In this essay, I outline and examine the three laws of thermodynamics in relation to spiritual life. The three known laws of thermodynamics are:

  1. Energy cannot be created nor destroyed.
  2. The entropy of a system increases with time.
  3. As temperature reaches absolute zero, entropy also approaches zero.

Also of consideration will be the following equation, which needs no introduction. 

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