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How Talking to God is Different than Thinking

Talking to God is a sacred and intimate experience. Many may find it as an intimidating process of something to be fearful and may elect to stay in the comfort zone of imagination. Imagination is like a playground of thoughts and ideas. Imagination can also exhibit a false sense of control over the thoughts and ideas we latch onto. The sacred experiences that bring a conscious connection and conversation with Beings of higher existence are one-of-a-kind, indeterminate phenomena that take away our focus on self, allowing us to rise above and ascertain an "other." This "other" essence is the difference between talking with a Higher Being and the humanly mundane practice of thinking.

In a previously written article, titled The Thought Field: Put on Your Meta Thinking Caps, I expressed the idea of a field where thoughts just already exist. When they come into our awareness, we grab them and hold onto them. By entertaining these thoughts, we claim them as our own thoughts and thus call this thinking.

The thought field can be rather entertaining. As one can see, it is much like a dog seeing a squirrel, becoming fascinated with it, and chasing it 'til full contentment. Then again, if uninterested in the thought, the human mind may choose to pass it, thus having the thought never enter their "thinking." 

Sadly, this place can be a hazardous field, as it is not the field in which the true self exists. Every person has a soul as equally as they have a mind. Many who operate strongly in their mind have the option of trapping themselves in that field. The mental place is not where life occurs though. The same plane that introduces us to thoughts holds only the potential energies meant for creation. 

In the spiritual plane is where the will resides and where the soul always exists. It is in this field that we are connected to everything else that has been created/manifested. As a spiritual being, we recognize the energetic connection, or rather, we recognize that our energy is the same as others. By being conscious within this field, we connect with all that exists and realize that the power of creation is actually a cooperative phenomenon.

As spiritual beings, souls maintain a divine connection within Source. What many call God is an actual Being that, through love, communicates their Energy to spiritual souls. By remaining intimately connected to this Source, a soul may thrive with anything they wish to do. In alignment with the energy that comes from Source, sould may visit the thought field, attach to a thought, and grow or develop said thought from potentiality to actuality.

It is through such divine communication in the spiritual dimension that we gather the energy needed to develop thoughts. Thinking is different than talking to God because they 1) use different vehicles of existence (mind v. soul) and 2) they serve different purposes (gathering thoughts v. gathering energy).

There are other levels of existence past our daily conscious awareness. Human lives are based almost wholly via one plane - mental awareness. Few have overcome this illusion and enter other planes: astral, spiritual, and further. The otherness is the existence away from the mental plane: by being conscious of our spiritual contingency with Source, we open up to hearing and talking to the Higher Source known as God. 

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