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New Beginnings

This new blog is dedicated to learning something new, something so phenomenal, that I just have to share it! 

Like everyone else, I too am on a journey. A journey of learning, a journey of realizing, a journey of experiencing. 

Most of what I learn centers around new experiences in my spirituality. My spirituality is best categorized in the "spiritual but not religious" niche. I was very religious when younger, that is, until religion couldn't answer my burning questions. I knew there was more because I could sense more. By diving into non-religious territory, which still seemed related to religious phenomena, I found a sense of self, a living sense of spirit life. Discovering new truths, this became my lifestyle over the next several years: awakening to spiritual life. 

Now spiritual life isn't about just knowing an answer and done. Rather it is about the journey, the search, the yearning, the breath, the life, and all that it is. Recently I have been learning that spirituality even includes the physical body instead of denying it, as some religions practice. I can write another blog post on this lesson, as it deserves its own attention. 

I am also learning about my energy work, intuition, ascension, meditation, afterlife, and more. These concept, of course, will evolve over time in my own journey, but for those of you searching and learning about your multi-dimensional self, this blog is for you. You will learn more with each blog post being on a single subject.

The Think Deep blog will remain the same. When I have a deeper thought, I will post it on the Think Deep blog. When I learn something, I will post it on the As I Learn blog, where I simply communicate what I learned recently in a spiritually meaningful way. 

If this blog benefits you or your spiritual practice, please share, comment, and/or subscribe.

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