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Epigenetics, Elements and Miasms: Factors Influencing Your Becoming

What makes up the person, the very being, of who you are? Have you ever thought about all the dynamics at play that make your body, your heart, your mind, and your soul? And also, what about those crucial, overlooked factors that also affect your place in this world despite your ignorance about such?

The great mystery of those things that influence our existence is just beyond our mind's grasp, just beyond our humankind's discovery. 

One of my hobbies is genealogy. Why? Originally, other than wanting to discover long lost cousins who are alive today, I wanted to find out what patterns - genetic, behavioral, societal -  helped make up who I was today. I don't exactly buy/believe the myth that we are only what our body tells us we are; I believe we have more components than just the physical or genetic. You may find that you believe this also, in which case, let me introduce you to the epigenetics, elements, and miasms. 

Epigenetics. You may or may not be familiar with Bruce Lipton's coined term of epigenetics. At least that is from whom I learned about this concept years ago. Epigenetics is the ability that drives us to "upgrade" our genes. A process of adapting genes is an unconscious process that we undergo by opening the mind/psyche to new experiences, taking on new challenges, doing certain practices differently. By altering these more external processes, we are evolving on the genetic level. This theory is one to vouch for free will, and by free will, evolving on a DNA level. Science says that our genes are changing, especially during these times. We are in the process of adapting to a rapidly changing environment and its ever-revolving expectations. We also are more in touch with our feelings, awareness, and growth potentials more than ever before. Whereas now we are not as focused on survival, we have the opportunity to meditate more inwardly, connecting us to new potentials that are universal hopes. These outward changes are reflected and incorporated within on microscopic genes. This is a rough concept of epigenetics: the ability and process of updating or mutating genetic information.

Elements, as you may be familiar with, include earth, water, air, fire, and ether. I recently studied these elements with their subtle energetic sister, gunas. Most schools of thought focus on just the four, but when I read Jaya Jaya Myra's book Vibrational Healing, I now include ether as a fifth element without question. Many who study astrology or birth charts will be familiar with the four elements, which are all connected to and come from ether. Those who have seen Frozen 2, are familiar with the idea of the mysterious fifth element, which they don't ever directly identify. At any rate, it is undeniable how closely related to the elements we are, both on a physical level and a spiritual level. The elemental makeup of a person gives them a sort of personality, or personal energy. Yet it is a different force at play than the psyche or soul. Elements are much more like perspectives or outlooks on life.

Miasms are nothing new; they are just underreported. Indeed, even spell checks don't recognize the word. Miasms were discovered over a century ago yet are still undermined as just a theoretical figure with little to no scientific evidence nor studies. Ever wonder why some are prone to getting sick more than others? Ever wonder how some "sickly" genetics are seemingly passed down and others are not? The idea of miasms intrigue me because they answer these questions. In short, miasms are a state of vibrational predisposed illness; they are not physical. However, much like genes, their vibrations can be passed down or inherited. By this principle, vibrations are contagious. Everything has a vibration; otherwise, it wouldn't exist in our physical world. Atoms must vibrate to be detectable. A miasm is a condition where the vibration of an essence is passed along and predisposes a person to certain health conditions.

Given that we live 9 months in the shared, sacred, and vibrational space of our mother's womb, we interact with and incorporate her vibrations, her miasms, her elements, and her genetics. Put another way, we interact with and incorporate her vibrations on spiritual, astral, mental, etheric, and physical levels. Vibrations are on all levels - even the levels we are still unaware of or haven't yet discovered (there may be more beyond what we call spiritual).

Even taking a wider vista look, we are inside our Mother Earth's vibrations. The environment we live in puts vibrational forces that interact with us whether we like it or not. We are connected. Some complain about the latest step-up in technological features of 5G because such vibrations are further away from natural vibrations. Even our solar system, as a symmetrical and orderly dance, exhibits a vibration. Vibrations are even found in the "empty" space in outer space (ever hear the sound of outer space?). A place of no-vibration would mean no light, no sound, and thus by physics law, no existence (unless of course such theoretical vibrations are inaccessible by all means - i.e. black hole).

If I might add, we carry over vibrational impressions from past lives too. In short, we may lean or tend toward certain features that seem to attract us or deter us. The soul is one that holds these vibrations in order that we may embrace, use, or further heal them in future physical lives. The soul is a being of vibrational impressions, where we actively transform our being's "memory" or "hard drive," if you will, to advance our being, our essence.

As you are starting to see, there are factors at play on miniscule levels that help constitute our being and person. These factors - especially elements and miasms - are considerably some of the more "hidden" factors that yet have quite the influence on how we feel, how we think of things, and how we live from day to day. These factors influence us on deeper levels of existence, helping us form beliefs and attitudes about certain important details within life. If we can get sick because of vibrational dispositions in our bodies, I beg that we become more aware of these "spiritual genes" of our soul if you will.

Let me be clear, nevertheless. A soul, a person, is not a miasms. A soul, a person, is not an element. A soul, a person, is not genetics. These are less physical tendencies that help us navigate life and help make up who we are in this life. As I talk about in my book, in each life we are given the tools we need to succeed in the spiritual growth that is due us. These tools incorporate elements, miasms, and genetic storage which we upgrade via epigenetics. Miasms can be create a catalyst for our growth and be healed through spiritual healing. Elements work together with our psychology to give us a platform of perspective, attitudes, and behaviors.

What makes up the very being of who we are is beyond anything in this essay. That very being of who we are, the soul essence, is innate and can only be grasped from a practiced, spiritual place. Meditation and prayer are common exercises that help us arrive at our own being's presence. It is at this place that we find vibrational patterns that we need to upgrade, transform, and become. Discovering the spiritual state of existence is the first step towards transformation.


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